First component of personality development viz Writing skill

An individual’s personality refers to his/her appearance, characteristics, attitude, mindset and behaviour with others.

Writing skills- Writing is the most important asset in one's professional life. You cannot acquire good writing skills in one attempt.Writing needs a lot of practice. To become a good professional, you need to acquire good writing skills for performing various tasks such as writing a document about a software or making presentations.

Writing includes several other fields or sub-skills. The sub-skills are:

1.Right order of words in a sentence.

2.Right order of sentences in a paragraph.

3.Appropriate choice of vocabulary.

4.Proper format.

5.Proper usage of punctuation marks.

6.Correct usage of grammar.

Out of all the sub-skills, correct grammar usage is an important and basic sub-skill of writing. Explain to the students the importance of proper grammatical usage while writing a document. Although IT professionals do not emphasize on the use of grammar, it is important for them to learn correct grammar. This will help them in various tasks, such as preparing presentations.

The process of writing is a useful approach to improve writing. Writing skills cannot be achieved at once. They are achieved with help of practice by writing documents and redrafting them. The process of writing a particular document and then revising the document helps you in recognizing your errors and the areas in which you feel some difficulty. It helps improve the quality of the document as well as helps improve the writing skills.

Writing is an important skill to acquire because:-

1. Writing is rather rigid and follows certain rules and conventions in contrast to spoken English, which offers some flexibility with regard to grammar, vocabulary, and organization.

2. Most forms of evaluation involve writing. These include written examinations, project work, and laboratory reports.

3. A non-native English writer tends to write sentences in the same manner in which he or she speaks, and so may not be able to convey the intended meaning to  the audience. Therefore, it is important to concentrate on improving writing skills.

Certain steps that can help an individual in improving his writing skills are:

1.Reading books.

2.Writing paragraphs on familiar ideas.

3.Writing sentences by using new words.

4.Improving vocabulary.

5.Learning grammar


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  2. Dear pallavi I was also student of cbitss and did personality development course from them .They gave a ideas how to handle a interview and impress the interviewer Today i am placed in a MNC thanks to cbitss