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Latest GNS3 Features

I have been using GNS3 for years for routing and switching. This is versatile and best simulator just like Cisco Packet Tracer. I really very like to work in both simulators. Nowadays a new release of GNS3 has been released. GNS3 1.5.0 RC2 Released! This is the latest version of the GNS3 and some more features are there in this release which should be discussed before start working on this. So here are some of those features.

The major new features of 1.5 are:

  • Docker containers support is there now.
  • 4K monitors support on Windows operating system.
  • The import/export of portable projects (.gns3 project), this last feature is designed to work with the GNS3 VM.

Other important changes since 1.5 RC 1 are:

  • Delete vlan.dat for L2IOL during config import. This can be done in very less time and with very fewer efforts.
  • Check if KB2999226 is installed on Windows (Microsoft Universal C Runtime).
  • Many Docker support fixes are there.

These are some of the features which have been added in this network simulator to make it more efficient and effective. Do not forget to learn to work in this simulator while taking CCNA Training in Chandigarh. This training will help you to gain more and more knowledge and you can become a professional Network Engineer.

How to set Titles and Descriptions into wordpress pages and in posts

Hi friends, I am doing SEO Training in Chandigarh these days from CBitss Technologies. I have learn so many things in SEO and i want to share some of them with you. So this article is based on how you can make changes in the page and in post you have created in Worpress. How to set Titles and Descriptions into wordpress pages and in posts. Let us see how we can do it.

I want to mention here that in wordpress website there is one option named plugins. This is very useful option in the wordpress CMS. As most of the website these days are getting created in this CMS because it has been create in php which is free of cost and open source. CMS Stands for Content Management System which means anybody can manage his/her content by just clicking on some options which are easily available and accessible by the layman user.

I have observed that in very initial stage there are no options where we can put some information about the page that what this page is all about. Here we are talking about Meta Information (Meta Title & Meta Descriptions). For that we have some specially designed plugins which helps us to make our page ready for the search engine by putting Meta Information into them. Which are those plugins and how to use them for our wordpress pages and post all the information is given below with images. I would love to share this information with you which i have learn in SEO Training in Chandigarh

This is the plugin which helps us to put meta information into our pages and in posts. How? Lets check it out. 

By Clicking here you can add a new plugin in your wordpress website

Here you can Search for the plugin and can install by clicking on Install Now

After Installation you have to activate your plugin by clicking on Active

Here you can see your indtalled plugin in your wordpress website

Now When you will go to edit your page and post you can see these sections where you can put down your Meta Tags.

This is one more plugin by which you can make your webpage visible to crawler. This also enables you to put meta tags on the bottom of the webpage. How? Lets see this…

Same for this you can search this addon here and you plugin will be there to be installed

You can see your plugin in plugin section

SEO Training in Chandigarh
Here you can see when you edit your post the section where you can put your website's information in the section wich will come after your page and post editor.  

PHP training in Chandigarh

 PHP Training in Chandigarh

 PHP Training in Chandigarh

This is the era of Technology. Upcoming engineers are working in their desired technologies. Sometimes they get confused that in which technology they should go. In that time they can take expert advice from their professors or from there Mentors who are enlightening their future. This article also can help you to choose your career option. I really would like to say that if you are good in coding and you are a good programmer you should opt PHP. This is web development technology which has become world known technology these days. But why PHP? 

PHP training in Chandigarh

Technology is getting advanced day by day. Just because of this revolution there is a huge migration done in the world. You will be surprised to know that Php is free of cost that's why people are migrating from to Php and making their websites in PHP. Companies are up for cost cutting and willing not to buy paid tools to develop websites for their clients. Many companies have migrated into PHP just because it is free of cost. Developers always have a choice to choose their career options and if Engineer knows coding He/She should opt PHP. If you also thinking to start working in PHP you should go through one professional training program which will help you to get to know more about Php. I suggest you to start taking PHP training in Chandigarh from CBitss Technologies and I am sure that is going to help you a lot to start working in your desired field of web development.

For more information you can contact us @ 9988741983 or Visit our official website

In which technology i should do Industrial training

In which technology I should do Industrial Training 

Hello Friends, The time is coming now. It is Time for your Industrial training inChandigarh and almost every engineer is searching for PHPTraining in Chandigarh and for many other technologies. The thing is, which is the technology you should go for? In which technology you should pursue your career so that it should secure and more demanding. Here in this article you can find the information which can help you getting ideas in which you have to pursue your industrial training

So Engineers, Here i really would love to tell you that if you are good in coding, it is like you are standing on a junction from where so many tracks are getting started. You can choose your track on what you have to move on. If you are very good in coding part and you programing is good you can opt many technologies as you career like: PHP, ASP.Net, JAVA, Android App Development or IOS App Development. If you know coding Sky is the limit for you.

In which technology i should do Industrial Training 

Now if you want to be in web development, I will suggest you to go for PHP Training in Chandigarh. It is very good thing that for this industrial training you have more than sufficient time to do your training. In this much time it is very easy to become master in any of your chosen technology but WHY PHP is the question. Yes I will recommend you the to do PHP training in chandigarh because this is the technology which is booming these days just because being open source, free of cost and more secure language. There are so many PHP jobs in Chandigarh and it has job scope everywhere in the world as this is world known technology. You do your research, check PHP Syllabus and check the content then you can decide what you should do.

Candidates who don't have coding skills need not to worry. They also can make their career in some other technologies like Linux Administration and in CCNA. You can search about these technologies by typing LinuxTraining in Chandigarh and CCNA Training in Chandigarh. You really need not to worry about your career. You can contact us for any guidance or to clear any of your doubts.

You can contact us at 9988741983 for more information.