How to optimize your Android App

If you have created you own Android app and have uploaded it into Googleplay store, how you will attract more people to download it? How your app will reach to people? How people will come to know about your app? If all these questions are roaming in your mind lets read out this article. 

Main Keyword should be there in your App Title

When you are uploading your app on Google play store on that page you need to put your main keyword so that it can get optimized in search engines. In simple words you just need to tell search engine that what this app is all about.

Description of your App

After putting titles in your app page you need to create and update description about your app. When you are putting your description in app's page in that description you also need to put your main keyword in description for at least 4-5 times. That again will boost your ranking in search engine. 

Screenshots about your App
Along with your title and description you also have to put some screenshots about your app that what are the features of your app. Those screenshots will help user to understand your app more. Name your screenshots properly so that they can rank high in search engines. Along with photos you also can merge one demo video with your app. That again will attract more customer to your app. 

Good Reviews

Today's Smart user always read out your app's reviews then he proceed with the installation and all. You can ask your friends to install your app from Google play store and to give positive and good reviews to your app. That again will attract more users to download your Android app. 

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