SEO Training

It stands for search engine optimization. It is the most advance way to get your website noticed by the highly potential users. SEO is a technique which helps search engine find and rank your site higher than the million of other websites in response to a search query. SEO helps to bring business traffic for various websites and companies. SEO is about understanding your customers searching behavior, increasing your brand presence, increasing your sales and services.

  •  Introduction of SEO

1. What is SEO
2. Type of SEO
3. Why we use internet
4. About www
5. About internet

  • Social networking websites.
1. Friend request
2. Communication
3. Chatting
4. Promotion {facebook, orkut, twitter.}
5. Making of the report in Excel. {online and off line }

  • Online Documentation
1. Google Docs
2. Sharing Docs
3. Linking Docs
4. Zoho

  • Account Creation
1. Accounts Creation in gmail, orkut, facebook, twitter,
linked in.
2. Working with these accounts.
3. Feature of thee accounts.
4. Options of these accounts

  • Search Engine and its type
1. Data Crawling
2. Indexing
3. www consortium

  • Offline Documentation
1. All Open office

1. Knowledge about keyword
2. Analysis of keyword

  • SEO Directories

1. Knowledge about directories
2. Submissions of directories
3. Free directories
4. Paid directories
5. Submission with auto fill

  • Social Book Marking
1. Knowledge about social book marking
2. Finding free social book marking sites
3. Social book marking submission

  • Article Submissions
1. Knowledge about Article submission
2. Article writing
3. Finding articles
4. Article submission

  • Classifieds
1. Knowledge classifieds
2. Classifieds posting
3. How to create an add
4. How to post an classified
5. Free and high pr classifies of India
6. Database create of classified site

  • SMO (Search Media Optimization)
1. Account creation
2. Promotion of pics
3. Promotion of video

  • Search engine submission
1. Knowledge about search engine submission
2. Finding site for search engine submission
3. Search engine submission

  • Yahoo Answers
1. Knowledge about yahoo answers
2. Creating of question in yahoo
3. Answering the questions

Advanced SEO
  • Blogs

1. Blog creation
2. Content writing for blog
3. Add gadget for blog
4. Adding posting, videos, photo etc.
5. Blog promotion 6. Blog commenting

  • Site map
1. About sitemap
2. Sitemap submission

  • Google Analytic

1. How to configure Google analytic
2. How to check traffic of the site

  • Press releases
1. About press releases
2. Submissions

  • Forums
  • Rss Feed 
Above written course content  can be customized
as per students  requirement  
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  1. Hi everyone.

    I am a BCA student , who wants to make a career in IT field but i don't have a strong hand in any software
    and networking technology.

    Can anyone suggest me which field to choose for industrial training ?

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